2015 National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC)
Pain Patients Advocacy Week Statement

2015 Pain Patients Advocacy Rally
Rev. Ronald V. Myers, Sr., M.D. and Chronic pain patient
Constance Durkin during a 2015 Pain Patients Advocacy week in April.

By Constance Dirken
NPPC Activities Director
April 25, 2015

We, the pain patients of this nation, number 79 million, not including those suffering from cancer and diabetes. Only 1% of the 79 million pain patient abuse pain medication. This according to a 3/6/14 Washington Post article entitled "Why are patients shut out the debate over prescription pain medicine?"

With us is the Rev., Dr. Ronald V. Myers, President of the American Pain Institute (API) and Founder of the National Pain Patients Coalition (NPPC).

With us is the pharmaceutical industry.

With us are 79 million people in pain, many too scared by the stigma of "junkie" or "addict" to seek professional help.

With us are those in chronic intractable pain who have sought medical advice, only to be told they are addicts, so those patients leave their insulting doctor's office, not only with the physical pain they came in with, but the mental anguish of thinking it's all in their heads. After all, the doctor said so, and he or she must know.

With us, believe it or not, are those same physicians who insult us. They are scared to death of the DEA coming into their clinics and pulling their licenses.

Against us are the real criminals, the DEA, FBI, Central Idiots Agency (CIA), who act with cancerous government overreach. They take from the physicians, not just their licenses, but the food from their mouths and substance from their families. They are the criminals, yet they go free.

They crucify pain management physicians and patients, washing their hands of them, even as Pilate washed his hands of Christ Jesus. Meanwhile, those in pain, rather than live in pain, opt for death through suicide. So severe is their suffering!

NOTHING has been to relieve their pain when they see a doctor. So, they lay upon several heating pads for some degree of comfort and their quality of life slips under hot, wet, uncaring covers.

I say this to those governmental agencies, "If this be your justice, show us not your tyranny."


April 23-30, 2018

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